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Quick Summary:

First of all, congratulations for taking the decision to create your first online asset. These assets overtime create extra source of income to become financially free. Escape the rate race, work from anywhere, at anytime. We will use WordPress platform to build the online asset so that you don’t need to worry about any coding skills. 

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Pre-Requirements to Build Online Asset

Before we dive into step-step-step video to build and set-up the website online, make sure you keep these resources ready.

If you find any difficulty or doesn’t know how to book a domain and hosting then you can contact me here.

1. Reserve Your Domain Name

Enter your domain name in the box below. Click on search to check availability. After registering the domain name, return to this page to continue with the next step.

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2. Get a Web Hosting

Click on the button below to select and buy your hosting package. After booking the hosting space, return to this page to continue with the next step.

Pro Tip: Book for 2 years to save 50% on hosting

3. Create Basic Contents

You will need basic content about your business, banners, articles, and video to engage users and rank your site in search engine. To speed up the process, I would recommend you to outsource article writing, graphic designing etc. Check out the link below to hire expert freelancers at affordable prices.

Pro Tip: Plan your content in advance as what you can do and what can be outsourced to get the job done fast.

4. Build a Website Video Tutorial

Follow these steps to build your own WordPress website without knowing any coding skills. For this demo I have used ‘personal fitness trainer’ template. You can use any template according to your preference and add your content.

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