Fotor Review: Is Fotor Easy Photo Editing Software Online?

Fotor Review: Is Fotor Easy Photo Editing Software Online?
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Fotor is considered as one of the most popular and easy photo editing software & graphic design tool online.

In this Fotor review, I will take a closer look at the user interface, features, pros & cons, and pricing.

I will randomly pick a feature and test drive how far the criteria ‘ease of use’ is true, considering first time users in mind.

Fotor Review Overview

Fotor Review - Easy Photo Editing Software $8.99
  • User Interface
  • Ease of Use
  • App Features
  • Pricing Model


Fotor is a simple and easy photo editing software & graphic design tool. My overall experience with this application has been quite delightful. Unlike other similar software which are limited to cloud-based or desktop-based, Fotor is available online as well as for Mac, Windows, and Mobile App. The interface of the software is intuitive and easy to navigate. The software covers it all, from basic editing to HDR processing. Professional-level photo editing is accessible to everyone now.

The pro version comes with tons of features that make photo editing, collage, and graphic designing an easy game. If you are sharing your life journey through social media or running a business online, this software can bring in great results.  

Why Fotor?

Do you breathe, sleep, and eat social media? Do you have a online business?

I am sure you have used some kind of graphic design tool and photo editor for your requirements.

But choosing the right one becomes so important, especially, if you are a beginner.

Fotor can be simply called as an easy version of photoshop.

The user interface of this software is designed for simplicity. Anybody can add professional filters to photos without learning complex photography tools and techniques.

For a small subscription fee @ $8.99 a month you get access to wide range of premium editing tools, professional photo filters, social media templates, special fonts, mystique frames, unique collage, 1000s of HD stock photos for commercial use, and much more.

Did I mention this software is also available for Mac, PC, and Mobile App?

When I started to build my online presence my favorite place was social media. It helped me quickly build my online reputation and scale my business.

But I struggled to attract engagement, kept on trying various photo editor and design maker.

I was looking for a versatile graphic designing tool to accelerate my productivity and add professional touch to my personal photos. Fotor was something that I liked the most.

Don’t make your online journey complex, make it simple.

How Intuitive is the User Interface?

The customer online behavior keeps on evolving with the time. For a better user experience companies invest in advanced UX research and UI development.

In an intuitive design interface when a user sees something, they know exactly what they can do with it, without researching or referring somewhere else.

A design becomes intuitive when the user can easily focus on the task without getting distracted. Intuitive UI designing prime goal is to improve productivity by providing the right tools and resources at the right place.

For creating an intuitive user interface designers try to create a familiar design that the user has already experienced before.

Based on these design principles let’s try to explore the UI of the Fotor application.

When you register your account you can start with these three options on the homepage, pretty obvious from the name:

  1. Edit a photo
  2. Create a design
  3. Make a collage
easy photo editing software

Design Interface

  • Familiar Design
  • Easy to Understand
  • Easy to Access Elements
  • Clutter-free Clean Design

You are quickly presented with a search box to find what you want to create. This is pretty useful when you are an absolute newbie. As you scroll down you will be presented with a bunch of visual templates in an organized manner based on design category. At a glance, you know what you need to select, to start designing. Pretty good?

Want to take a test drive yourself? Create a facebook post and check yourself.

(Hint – Search facebook post, select a template, and start editing.)

Features in a Nutshell

This software allows you to edit, enhance, collage, and design photos. Let’s peek into some of the features to check if this easy photo editing software fits your requirements.

1) Photo Editing:

When you select the option to edit a photo you will be presented with a bunch of tools. Some of the tools are basic ones while some are advanced tools. They have some cool effects and filters, probably you never heard of before.

Anyways, to test things out I applied two basic features to a jpeg image. I first applied denoise, followed by 1-tap enhance. The result blew my mind.

Unfortunately, the free version comes with a watermark and if you use premium graphics in your design it cannot be exported unless you upgrade to a pro version.

2) Portrait Beauty:

If you are a professional photographer or a freelance graphic designer, I am sure you have used this feature to enhance your client’s photo.

The beauty retouching options are accessible through the editing window under the beauty tab. Portrait beauty features blemish remover, photo reshaping, photo retouch, red-eye remover, teeth whitening, and wrinkle remover.

For this review purpose, I randomly picked smoothing effects to try the portrait beauty feature. After selecting the brush size and intensity, I hovered over the image quickly. No precise work, simply moved my mouse quickly over the photo like a newbie. I am happy to get the result which was quite good.

3) Photo Collage:

When you have more than one image to share from your recent events like a wedding, travel, or maybe a bachelor party, a photo collage is a great option to share multiple emotions in a single photo.

This easy photo editing software simplifies the task by providing frames. You only need to upload your photos in these frames and the collage will be ready to share with the world in minutes.

This application has ready-made frames like funky, artistic, and stitching to start creating your photo collage easily. I tried funky collage frames, uploaded some images, and it was pretty fun.

Unfortunately, the free version comes with ads, to remove the ads distraction you need to upgrade to a pro version.

4) Design:

For sharing life experiences or promoting a business online, graphic designing is perhaps the best skill you can have. Keep posting beautiful images on social media that entice people to share your content across the web.

Fotor graphic designer has ready-made templates so you don’t need to start from scratch. These templates also provide popular visual design ideas that you can adept in your design. The smart portrait cutout feature proves to be handy for designing Youtube thumbnails.

You can literally create any type of graphics on a single platform. Ranging from social media posts to business presentation to resume, and much more.

I tried creating a facebook post quickly and it went up to my expectations.

Pros & Cons of the Photo Editor

Ok, so after practically testing some of the features and going through the user interface, now it’s time to find out the pros and cons of this photo editor. Let’s check how far it goes to our expectations.


  • Anyone can design professional graphics with this easy photo editing software.
  • Editing, collage, and design tools are working awesome.
  • There is a small info icon beside unknown tools to instantly learn about it.
  • The design interface is intuitive and easy to navigate.
  • Huge library of ready-made templates and stock photos.
  • Available for multiple platforms.


  • On the web version sometimes after adding effects/photos your browser can completely freeze. Reloading the page will lose all the progress.
  • The free version is cluttered with ads that are very distracting.
  • 50-60% of tools and features are limited in the free version.
  • Deep image retouching is difficult to achieve.
  • RAW conversion capabilities are not available in the online version, though available in the offline version.

How Much Does Fotor Easy Photo Editing Software Cost?

If you have some kind of online presence then this design tool will prove to be the best investment ever. They have one of the lowest subscription plans in the market to get access to professional graphic designing and photo editing.

Fotor Pricing Plans:

You can start with a basic plan (FREE) to test the features of this easy photo editing software. Unlock full features, templates, stock photos, storage, and priority support with premium plans.

Starting from $8.99/month*. Annual plan is much cheaper per month.

*The price is subject to change please check the latest offer price and full features by visiting the website, click the button below.


After closely looking at the features and interface there is no doubt that Fotor is really an easy photo editing software. For all those who can’t afford Photoshop or Lightroom, Fotor is one of the best options to choose. Needless to say, these online editors have a very small learning curve, you don’t need to spend much time learning and mastering the process.

Enhance your old photos, share your emotions, prepare advertisement graphics, everything under one software. And the best part, use it wherever you go – it’s cloud-based. Also available on your desktop and mobile device.

Hope you have found this Fotor review useful. Ready to show your design to the world?

Shine your business with HQ design that converts, a small step to financial freedom. Let’s start right now, tomorrow will be late.

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